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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sam Milby Biography

Sam Milby is Samuel Lloyd Lacia Milby in real life. He was born May 23, 1984 in Ohio, USA. Sam's father is an American while his mother is a Filipina.

Sam grew up in the United States. But Sam Milby is well accustomed to Filipinos due to his mother's upbringing and their family's frequent visit tot he Philippines.

During Sam's early visit in the Philippines, he has already tried his luck in showbiz. But luck was not in his side in those days. He was turned down by some modelling agencies and due to some personal matters, he returned to the United States.

Then by the year 2005, Sam Milby decided to get serious in his venture in showbiz and modelling. Sam returned to the Philippines and stayed with his relatives in Bulacan. He had to endure riding the bus from Bulacan to Manila to attend to auditions and calls for modelling. Luck was still not friendly to him during those early days of his career as model.

Sam landed to minor roles in ads and nobody really noticed him. Until sam Milby was given the big break when he got the lead role in a Close Up commercial with Barbie Almalbis.

It seems that was the start of Sam Milby's career in showbiz. He then auditioned for the first edition of ABS-CBN's Pinoy Big Brother as a housemate. The whole nation witnessed this young Filipino-American boy who hustled his way against his fellow housemates.

After his stint in PBB and with his singing prowess, he was then signed to host and perform in ASAP in 2006. In the same year, he was csated in movies "Close To You" (with John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo) and the lead role in "You Are The One" opposite Toni Gonzaga.

Sam Milby got himself in different TV shows which includes "Your Song: I've Fallin In Love", "Your Song: You Win the Game", then he hosted in "Pinoy Dream Academy". He also appeared in "Maging Sino Ka Man", "Maalaala MoKaya", "Dyosa" and his current primetime teleserye "Only You" with Angel Locsin which is tooping the TV charts nationwide.

His other movies are "You Got Me", "My Big Love", the independent film "Cul De Sac" and his upcoming movie with Bea Alonzo "And I Love You So".

Sam Milby was once involved with actress Anne Curtis. But due to some personal preferences, they parted ways and stayed as friends however.

You Got Me!

You Got Me! is a 2007 Filipino romantic-comedy film that tells a love story between three different people, the strong aggressive police woman played by actress-host Toni Gonzaga, the shy-type police man played by actor-singer Sam Milby, and the bad boy played by model-actor Zanjoe Marudo. It was produced by Star Cinema, ABS-CBN Film Productions.

Plot Summary
Lt. Amor "Moe" Santander (Toni Gonzaga) is a tough chick who's used to going after crooks. But there's also one thing she's running away from ever since her mother died: falling in love. Lt. Kevin Robles (Sam Milby) is daunted by most things, but most especially coming clean with the girl he's been loving from afar for a time now.

Meanwhile, Caloy (Zanjoe Marudo) is a pirated DVD vendor whom Moe captures, along with his heart. Things get complicated when Caloy enlists Kevin's help to win Moe, just when Moe and Kevin's friendship gets deeper. Who does Moe really love? Will she even surrender to her feelings in the first place? Suddenly her life as one of the best performers in the service suffers.

Main Cast
Toni Gonzaga as Amor Santander
Sam Milby as Kevin Robles
Zanjoe Marudo as Caloy

Supporting Cast
Johnny Delgado as Allan Santander
Dick Israel as Glenn Ricafort
A.J. Dee as Francis Villanueva
Jayson Gainza as Rene
Pia Moran as Mother of Caloy
Quintin Alianza as Brother of Caloy
Pinky Amador as Mother of Kevin
Toby Alejar as Dad of Kevin
Nuel C. Naval as Syndicate Big Boss
January Isaac as Young Mom of Amor Santander

Source: Wikipedia

You Are The One

You Are The One is a 2006 Filipino romantic comedy film starring Sam Milby and Toni Gonzaga. The film was popular in the Philippines, and other countries with significant Filipino populations such as United States, Canada, Australia, Middle East, Italy, and Japan. The year 2006 ended with 5 Star Cinema films grossing more than Php 100M which includes You Are The One with a total gross of 113.73 Million.

Cute and bubbly Sally Malasmas (Gonzaga) reluctantly agrees to process her application for a visa, obeying her parent's wish that their small family be reunited. The rest of her family: mom, dad and older sister, Charry (Sta.Maria) are already residing states-side and they worry that she is lonely living in the Philippines by herself; but as far as Sally is concerned, her simple Philippine life surrounded by loyal, loving friends and co-workers is nearly perfect. During the interview, things goes awry and her application gets abruptly denied by the handsome, yet dismissive American consul, Will Derby (Milby).

The next day, a bewildered Will wakes from a one-night-stand with a girl he picked up from a bar the night before and due to the notorious Manila gridlock, he misses work. He finds himself instead diverted to the Census Bureau where Sally incidentally works. Seeing an opportunity for revenge, Sally burries Will's inquiry form beneath an already mounting pile of paperwork. As she expected, Will waits all day for his turn through sweltering heat and hunger until he gets fed up and finally confronts the scheming Sally.

She gives him a dose of his own medicine and nonchallantly brushes him off, informing him that his form cannot be processed properly because it is incomplete and that he must return the next day since its time for her to go home. An outraged Will cries foul to Sally's supervisor, who sides with him. Thus, in order to redeem the bureau's reputation, Sally's is ordered to stay behind after hours until Will finds the information he needs.

As it turns out, Will's cold and sullen demeanor is due to him agonizing over the search for his birth parents and any remaining family members he may still have in the Philippines; but more importantly, the reason why he was given up for adoption, a question that has been gnawing at him for years. Sympathizing with Will's plight, Sally takes it upon herself to help him find what he's looking for and through this common purpose the pair bonds and grows closer.

But it seems that each has a different idea of exactly what the new-found friendship means to the other. Will's casual relationships with women conflicts with Sally's old-fashioned virtues. Together, they must set aside differences, overcome clashing cultural prejudices and ethnocentric beliefs; otherwise, unsettled issues may put a stopper to their blossoming romance before they get the chance to realize its full potential.

Main Cast
Sam Milby as Will Derby
Toni Gonzaga as Sally Malasmas

Supporting Cast
Jodi Sta. Maria as Charry Malasmas
Eugene Domingo as Dora
Gio Alvarez as Melody
Anita Linda
Susan Africa as Sally and Charry's mother
Lito Pimentel as Sally's boss
Roldan Aquino
Crispin Pineda
Jao Mapa as Venjamin Garcia
Arron Villaflor
Ahron Villena
Rio Locsin as Myra Ramos-Garcia

Source: Wikipedia